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Royal Blue Jacket In Rabbit Fur For Kids


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Streamlining children’s clothing to create an optimal clothing array and then stepping into either side of the fence to pick one which is either fancy or comfortable is a big battle! To this, Sheepskin Shearling sets up the Royal Blue Jacket In Rabbit Fur For Kids. It is a party style winter wear for kids with pockets and collars, embellished with dynastic design in terms of warmth, comfort, and charm. This makes the kids’ winter wear scatter elegant and gorgeous appeal. An overall royal blue jacket with a royal blue collar and hood is very attractive and enticing. Furrik excels at children’s fashion in this area by providing basic winter wear with extra luxury and mesmerizing features. 

Taking a look at the details, the jacket is made of full skin rabbit fur. The blue rabbit fur’s allure emerges from its lustrous and smooth appearance. A silky Satin inner lining uplifts the winter wear’s texture. Aside from that, this winter clothing is light and comfortable, which is vital for children’s apparel. 

The secured chrome finished Zip-up closure on the front retains the body warmth. The elastic stretch on the wrist and waist add to the winter wear’s bomber style. The elasticity defines the wrist and waist, allowing for quick turns.

The winter ensemble is tailored with two side pockets into which palms can easily skate and in turn keep hands warm. The elite collar is handcrafted from rabbit fur, which highlights the cozy and luxurious appeal. This soft collar keeps sensitive neck warm.

The apparel is shaped for extremely cold weather conditions by an additional detachable rabbit fur hood with extended fur detailing. Aside from warmth and protection, the eye-catching rabbit fur trims and bright color will keep the little garment looking delightful as new even after repeated uses.

The Royal Blue Jacket In Rabbit Fur For Kids, with its fluffy and adorable appeal is a notably tender-comfy wear. Largely meeting the essential criteria for children’s wear, it is a cost-effective children’s clothing that shall be the brightest of all.

Physical Features:

  • Full skin Rabbit fur Jacket
  • Bomber fit elastic style on wrist and waist
  • Rabbit fur collar
  • Slit-style side pockets
  • Elegant zip-up closure on front
  • Rabbit fur hood with additional rabbit fur embracing
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