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Royal Sheepskin Shearling Overcoat for Women


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A dark cold winter! The title instigates us to be wrapped in a woollen scrap being warm and cozy and being limited within closed doors and windows. But it is so not colourful and happening. Why not be wrapped in a Royal woollen scrap and enjoy nature? Why not brighten up the nearby dark winter surrounding with your warm royal and ethnic look? This shall encourage others also to be in warm beautiful wear and accompany you. Introducing you to our Royal Sheepskin Shearling Overcoat for women – one of the top winters wears for grand occasions! The premiere-designed overcoat with white-on-black contrast and leather belts on prime parts completes the definition of the Royal and Grand look.

Moving on to the material, the winter wear is made from the original thick shearling fur on the interior and the outer layer is pure Nappa-finished leather. The white shearling fur and glossy Nappa-touched leather layer are an immense look to the wearer.

Decorated with a classic design, the white shearling wool is plated on pocket edges and high-rising cuff folds. Also, the broad collar and lapel are fur trimmed. The broad lapel gives an altogether curvy look along with the waist belt.

Cuff belts and waist belt are made from pure Nappa-finished leather. The belt closing is featured by conditioned metal finished buckles. The front of the coat has 3 buttons to close the overcoat opening from the front.

The winter wear is tailored with seam stitches on the body and sleeves to give a more defined fit and structure. A more defined feminine look is traced being in this outer wear.

The double-style leather belts on each cuff and the glossy Nappa-finished layer will highlight any lady in this wear. The white shade fur patch adds to the royal look.

In a 1 line sentence, surpassing this ethnic wear and looking forward to any other royal attire might be regretted once it goes out of stock.

Physical Features:

  • Nappa-finished leather overcoat with shearling thick wool on interior
  • Black and white contrast shade
  • Dual black belts on each cuff
  • Nappa –finished leather belt on waist
  • Wide collar and handcuffs with white fur
  • White fur plating on pocket edge
  • Broad lapel with white fur
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