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Shearling Calla Coat in Cherry Red Is the New-Age Winter Fashion


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When fashion and comfort unite, the result is an elegant and stylish one. Furrik’s winter collection for women offers a trendy modern style with a contemporary approach. Shearling Calla Coat in red is timeless fashion with a vintage outlook.

Made from authentic Shearling lambskin, this Shearling Calla Coat is a unique outfit for the winter that goes equally well with casual as well as formal attire. The double-breasted style with simple texture won’t detract from the design details. The softness of the authentic Shearling is well-known.

The coat is a classic example of fall fashion, where the length of the coat extends up to the hip. The coat is an unmatched winter outfit that is the ultimate dressing solution to cold weather conditions.

The coat has its outer surface with a suede finish, while the inner side is the clipped fur surface. The cherry red coat is filled with romanticism and love due to its lovely colour. The lambskin is 100% authentic and this can be assured with the warmth, comfort and softness of the winter wear.

There are two side pockets of the coat for hand-warming, situated at the extreme side edge. The horn buttons in this relaxed-fit coat add a pattern or design to the outfit. The Lapel Collar in this coat is the exposed inner fur layer and is the same cherry red. The outerwear has a specific feature where the frontline closure is not symmetrical. The button closure is close to the left side. This simple closure feature makes the outfit look a little classy yet modern.

The seamless finish with the edges focusing on the inner clipped fur surface as borderline is unique in style. The coat is a luxurious winter wear, which is unmatched with its softness, style and colour and is a great piece to be worn on any occasion.


  • 100% lambskin
  • Shearling with a suede finish outside
  • The inner side is the clipped fur surface
  • Horn button for design and closure
  • Cherry red colour
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