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Shearling Jacket with Premium Crystal Fox Fur and Hood


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This ultra-stylish mens Shearling Jacket with Premium Crystal Fox Fur and Hood brings the protection of prime quality sheepskin and shearling wool. Its uniform texture results from semi-aniline finishing. Therefore, the exterior feels markedly smooth to the touch. The velvety texture of shearling wool certainly adds to one’s comfortable feeling.

Exclusive Qualities of Shearling Jacket with Premium Crystal Fox Fur and Hood

With one fixed and one detachable hood, this outfit has undeniably been built for the winter season. Even on windy days, it offers the highest level of protection from the cold wind and keeps one warm. The fur of Crystal fox feels markedly soft. Its long guard hair can bar the passage of cold air. One can adjust the collar using a buckled leather strap. It ensures comfort and convenience.

Another important feature of this outfit is a buckled leather strap around the waist. Certainly, one can use it to adjust the hemline. At the same time, it perfectly complements the rugged looks of this jacket. It’s also possible to adjust the cuffs using two buckled leather straps. Owing to the finest quality of the sheepskin, these straps will certainly last for years with no deterioration in quality.

The zippered slash pockets on both sides are useful for carrying personal items or to keep the palms warm. The centrally placed durable metal zipper certainly makes this outfit suitable for the winter season.

Look Suave Wearing Mens Shearling Fur Hood Jacket

In this handcrafted outfit, trims of shearling wool stylize the sleeves, cuffs and hemline. The beige colored wool certainly looks striking against the background of black leather. To look debonair, one may wear this jacket to semi-formal parties, fests, social gatherings or casual outings.

Key Components

  • Trendy and deluxe shearling jacket with woolen detailing on the sleeves
  • One fixed and one detachable hood of Crystal fox fur
  • Durable metal zipper for closure
  • Zippered slash pockets on both sides
  • Leather straps on the collar, cuffs and waistline
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