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Sheepskin and Polar Fox Fur Coat


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Sheepskin or shearling outerwear is a popular winter wear famed for its tremendous warmth retention ability. They stand to be one of the most efficient winter shields being single-handedly capable of warding the ice. Furrik’s Sheepskin and shearling outerwear collections come in an array of different styles each designed to showcase their individual quality. Nevertheless, there stands a common attribute featuring all the garments. It is their intricate detailing that lends softness and suppleness. The Sheepskin and Polar Fox Fur Coat for women accessorized with polar fox fur is one such design that excels in women’s fashion and winter surrounding.

The long-length overcoat is crafted of real sheepskin pelts. Processed sheepskin renders incredible warmth through its natural wool trim while exuding the gorgeous glaze out of the Nappa-finished side of the hide. The soft-compressible wool texture encourages the wearer to wrap it the whole day long without causing any irritation. Tanned natural woolen wear is always a clean and safe dressing option. The overcoat reflects glitzy smoothness and upholds the pure allure of high-graded finished sheepskin.    

Effortless wear is enhanced by easy slit pockets on the sides and clip lock concealed front closure. Smart tailoring features its structural fit and is significantly elevated by seams across the waistline and back. Further, arctic fox fur cited as polar fox shapes the gorgeous collar in a shawl style and extends to grace the frontline. Dense and voluminous natural fur in jet black adds a compliment to the black enticing overcoat. Sleeve endings are embellished with an extended fox fur cuff. 

The Sheepskin and Polar Fox Fur Coat is adorned with minimalistic features to keep a check on its weight. Yet, it gives off its immense splendor and contributes equally to protecting the wearer from cold. Authenticity honors a long life span and so the premium wear continues to keep the wearer warm and stylish throughout winter for years.  

Physical Features: 

  • Long-length sheepskin coat for women
  • Tanned hide with wool on one side and Nappa-finished leather on the other side 
  • Anti-shedding original polar fox fur along collar and frontline
  • Real fox fur Cuffs
  • Concealed clip lock front closure
  • Slit-style front pockets on the sides
  • Shawl style collar
  • Seams for added fit adjustment and durability
  • Application: Occasional attire, casual gatherings 
  • Purpose:  Extreme cold winter
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