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Sheepskin Military Jacket in White for Women


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Pure sheepskin clothing is perfect for the cold and provides warmth while minimizing wrinkles. This Sheepskin Military Jacket in White for Women from Furrik is ideal for extremely cold weather conditions. The milky white jacket grabs the attention of masses from far across. 

This jacket is made of premium milky white shearling and has a smooth finish. The smooth texture is hypoallergenic and very soft on the skin of the wearer.

The distinctive design of this conventional military sheepskin jacket gives a feminine touch. This coat is stylish and comfortable with single pleated cuffs and an in-built leather belt that keeps the warmth in. The unique collar in this jacket adds elegance. The sheepskin lining provides warmth and comfort. The design is appealing with a fur surface of shearling and a suede finish at the chest area. The inner side of the fur surface is a suede finish, while the suede surface has an inner furry lining. 

This short-length jacket is a perfect fit. It has full sleeves and a traditional military-style outer design. The built-in leather belts with straps and buckles at the waistline and the cuffs upgrade the aesthetic value of the jacket. 

The jacket has a distinctive design in that the zip lock only closes the upper portion of it asymmetrically. Premium quality metal is used to make the zipper to ensure the long durability. At the upper area of a single side, there is a small pocket with a zipper. 

This soft, opulent sheepskin jacket is ideal for entertaining guests and elevating the ensemble. This genuine sheepskin jacket keeps the wearer warm on the coldest days and in style thanks to its classic yet refined appearance.


  • Military style jacket
  • Milky white colour
  • Authentic Sheepskin used
  • One pocket on the upper side
  • Zipper lock closure
  • Long full sleeves with an in-built leather belt at cuffs
  • Inbuilt leather belts with straps and buckles at the waistline
  • Perfect for cold days
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