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Sheepskin Shearling Aviator Jacket for Men in Fox Fur Collar and Detachable Hood


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Sheepskin Shearling Aviator Jacket  is tailored for men’s wear. The winter wear upholds the striking brown tones and upholds its grandeur. The snug bomber with contrasting blend and subtle details is one of the most gorgeous wear for an extreme bad weather. It is here where optimum balance between warmth and fashion are matched.

Premium quality merino shearling wool is used. Curly wool assures the warmth. Besides, it also supports for the peak elegance. The attractiveness is sourced out by the smooth Nappa-crak finish. This leads to the appearance being the most elite.

Wide pockets in patch style are a neat styling. The conical pockets’ distinctive merino wool trim contributes to the stylish appearance Smooth-run central zipper on front enhances the vintage charm. The same feature of wool trim in a contrasting shade along the hemline serves to emphasize it even further. 

The joints and arms of the long sleeves cast an extraordinary patchwork. The rich wool trim in a bright tone will definitely bring attention to this beautiful symmetrical pattern.  The leather belt around both cuffs is stained a complimenting tone to add flare.  Both wrists are additionally detailed with soft wool trim.                    

The distinct features of the round neck collar include the dense fox fur and a superior leather belt with lovely buckles. The internal comfort and standardized fit are thus shaped out of it. A smooth finishing is imparted by the detachable arctic fox fur hood, which not only acts as a protection towards bad weather but also supports the overall beauty.

The Sheepskin Shearling Aviator Jacket  is an ideal option for a long lasting wear. Its sturdy design shall retain the charm even after repeated crude uses. It is a smart buy having an evergreen fashion!

Physical Features:

  • Brown bomber jacket
  • completed with nappa-crak finish and merino shearling wool 
  • Arctic fox fur collar with leather belt for standard fit
  • Detachable enriched fox fur hood
  • Wool trim décor on arms and joints
  • Leather belt around both cuffs 
  • Dense wool around hem line and wrist 
  • Top notch zipper for front closing
  • Conical patch style pockets on front
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