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Stylish Olive Parka with Extra Large Raccoon Fur Hood


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Winter brings a plethora of festivities and shopping opportunities. Shopping for new clothes to replace your old, dated ones, shopping to stay warm in the bitter weather, shopping to look your best for Christmas and the New Year, or shopping for winter vacation excursions. However, exhilaration eventually gives way to a protracted struggle over choosing the proper attire. In the hope of flexibility, outerwear with removable alternatives is a wise choice to a large extent. When it comes to such, Furrik esteems for the most exquisite winter clothing for men and women. The Stylish Olive Parka with Extra Large Raccoon Fur Hood for women is one such style with remarkable adaptation qualities.  

It is a pea-length coat with a Nylon shell. Internal padding contains 100% goose down filling and so the coat reflects its efficacy towards shielding the adverse weather. An internal lining of silky satin maintains luxury and opulence. To enhance season adaptability, the nylon shell is tailored detachable leaving behind the padded layer. It functions as an individual vest. Parallely, the nylon shell can be worn as an airy casual coat or windbreaker.  

When it comes to being flexible for events, the outerwear is always assertive. It serves multiple attires. It has got a fancy-styled frontline with gorgeous Raccoon fur that also accounts for a heat trap beside the appeal. Extended cuffs mark a splendor attributable to the densely textured fur. The contrasting tones of natural raccoon shade and olive green unveil the coat’s elegance. 

Nevertheless, the detailing lends opulence and snugness. A stylistically tailored raccoon fur extended collar makes a cutting-edge spin on current trends. Alternatively, it provides the wearer with a fancy-looking stunning hooded option. The pockets with flap closure and zip-up front serve as basic features. Waistline reflects a structured fit, improved by drawstring ribbon closure.  Casual night-outs can now be made even easier with this effortless winter dressing. 

Putting to an end, the Stylish Olive Parka with Extra Large Raccoon Fur Hood imparts utter comfort and encourages extended periods of continuous use. It weighs less in contrast to its defense capacity. Quality fur is anti-shedding and maintains its voluminous appearance. It needs little upkeep to hold it back for years.  


Physical Features: 

  • Pea-length hybrid Parka Coat and vest
  • Anti-shedding original raccoon fur
  • Accessorized frontline and cuffs
  • Pure 100% Nylon
  • 100% goose down filling
  • Zipper front closure
  • Flap style tilted front pockets on sides
  • Waistline adjustment with drawstrings
  • High-end product with extended durability
  • Extended Stylish Collar with the option of a fixed hood
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