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Tan Brown Sheepskin Shearling Jacket for Women


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Completely crafted by hands, the sheepskin shearling jacket for women has a flawless finish. The Nappa finish tan brown shearling jacket is made from authentic pelts of shearling or lambskin. The product line is designed to make you stand out in the crowd. Radiating unbeatable sophistication and charm, the premium shearling jacket is well crafted with white fur detailing.

Investing in lots of innovation and creativity, the jacket is extremely soft and supple in texture. The sheepskin shearling jacket for women is long-lasting and requires minimal care and maintenance. The jacket guarantees a perfect fit for all without considering your height or figure. The product line is easily available in different sizes.

The Nappa finish plush outerwear has smart straps on the shoulders. In addition, there is an inbuilt belt with a buckle along the waistline. The inner woolen layer of the shearling is flipped and exposed to define the collar, the lapel, the frontline, and the handcuffs around the wrist. The highly competent and skilled designers have conducted double stitching to the Nappa finish tan brown jacket. This is so well exposed or defined to the arm lines, the frontline, shoulder area as well as the backside of the jacket. This makes way for a stunning contrast. As a result, the sheepskin shearling jacket looks classier and stylish.

There are hand-warming spacious pockets to keep your palms warm and comfortable outdoors during extreme cold. You can easily wear it to different social gatherings or parties. There is another side pocket with a flap and button closure on the right side. The rest of the pockets feature a zipper closure. The shearling jacket is fitted with high-quality chromium-finish zippers to ensure optimum insulation.

Detailing of the product –

Made from authentic pelts of shearling or lambskin

Smart straps on the shoulders

Inbuilt belt along the waistline

The inner woolen layer of the fabric is flipped & exposed to design the collar, the lapel, the frontline, and the handcuffs

The side pocket on the right has a button closure while the one on the left has a zipper closure

High-quality chromium-finish zippers

Can be worn to different types of social gatherings or parties

It is also easily long-lasting and requires minimal care and maintenance

The product line is readily available in different sizes

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