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Women Long Coat in Fox Fur with Riveting Looks


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A fusion of grayish silver and black shades heightens the chic looks of this women long coat in fox fur. These are natural shades of Silver Fox Fur. It has been finely processed. Because of its smoothness, this winter wear is extremely comfortable to wear. The full-skinned fox fur gives it a voluminous look. The fluffy hair and dense down also give protection from the biting cold of winter. 

Long Coat of Fox Fur for Women with Modish Features 

This luxurious knee-length coat shines with a natural gloss of silver fox fur. It’s befitting for any time of the day because of the soothing color combination. Surely, one can make a grand entrance after donning it because of its plush looks and features. Without a doubt, this is an outfit for winter-time parties or gala.

The fox fur covers the sleeves of this winter-wear in a paragraph pattern. They match the looks of the furry frontline which has been beautified similarly. They can increase one’s glamour quotient. At the same time, they cover both hands in a warm wrap of fur and protect from the cold.

Exclusive Qualities of Fox Fur Long Coat for Women

The charming combination of silver-grey and black prettifies the frontline, wide collar as well as fixed hood. On one hand, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of this overcoat. On the other hand, they add to the comfort of the wearer. There are slit pockets on both sides to carry the essentials and valuables. 

The interior side of this outerwear is lined by the finest quality satin material. Therefore, this winter-wear feels soft against the skin and it can be worn for hours with no feeling of discomfort. Furthermore, it has a clip-hook lock at the front to offer complete protection from the cold wind during winter.

Key Features

  • Charismatic overcoat of full-skin silver fox fur 
  • Front-line, sleeves, collar, and hood are beautified in paragraph style using fox fur
  • Clip-hook lock used as front-side closure
  • Slit pockets on both sides 
  • Satin lining to increase comfort level
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