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Women Mid Length Silver Fox Fur Coat


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Furred winter wears are always known for its tremendous protection from cold. Adverse winter season can be made easy with Furrik’s easy winter dressing array. Its furred winter wears show its distinctiveness in design and appearance. Being that authentic fur is always the only option for all the designs, both men’s and women’s furry coats exude their exquisite abilities. In line with this Alen Cooper presents the Women Mid Length Silver Fox Fur Coat

The premium fur coat excels in keeping a check on its weight, maintaining a warm envelope, and thereby proving its efficacy even in harsh weather. Thus, being compact in weight, it is one of a kind which serves as an immense armor.   

Details of the Women Mid Length Silver Fox Fur Coat

To emphasize the basic features, the coat reflects a pea-length style, having a slightly baggy fit structure. This loose-fitting design besides promoting ease of movement also significantly pulls on charm. It leaves a classy stance. Further, it holds slit pockets on the sides, concealed clip-lock hooks for front closure, and an extremely stylish collar. 

However, the design of the collar is worth mentioning. It features a cloverleaf pattern with a high-rise neck. The lapel shows uniqueness which highlights the frontline. 

Furthermore, when it comes to luxury, both Silver Fox Fur and silky satin in their premium grades combine to offer the uttermost opulence. In addition, the natural sheen of fox fur’s dual silver shades contributes to maintaining the visual appeal and value. 

Ending Clause

Hence, grab the Womens Fox Fur Coat to look gorgeous while getting promptly dressed. Pair the gorgeous coat with any bottoms and inner layer to win the spotlight. Besides, skilled craftsmanship and premium quality of the outerwear assures an extended lifespan when very minimalistic care is rendered. 

Physical Features of the Fox Fur Womens Coat

  • Silver Fox Fur pea-length luxurious coat for women with long sleeves
  • The coat’s color carries the blend of different silver shades in an unparallel pattern
  • Cloverleaf Collar style with frontline
  • Concealed clip lock hooks closing the front 
  • Slit pockets on the sides of hips
  • Complete internal satin lining 


  • Fur – Authentic Silver Fox Fur
  • Internal Lining – Premium Satin
  • Clip-lock Hooks for Front Closure
  • Modified Lapels, Frontline
  • Cloverleaf Collar
  • Slit pockets
  • Pea-length Baggy Coat
  • Temperature – 25°F
  • Wind Resistant
  • Application – Casual, Festive
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