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Women Turtle neck Bomber


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Prepare for hooded wear and frigid winter nights as Furrik provides its exclusive winter outerwear collections. The product spectrum reflects their own distinctiveness, with elegance and quality never being compromised in order to draw prominence. One such intriguing warm wear that allows for appreciating the winter season by being cozy and gorgeous is the Women Turtle neck Bomber made of authentic rabbit fur. 

This waist-length jacket’s lightness and softness make it an excellent choice for long excursions and travel. It causes no complaints after wearing it for a long time. It also reflects its exceptional portability.  Aside from these traits, one can undoubtedly feel opulent and plush. No matter how cold the winter is, the jacket will protect from the icy weather and keep in warmth. 

Pockets, a fixed hood, and genuine rabbit fur pelts are regarded as completely accountable for boosting luxury and insulation. Being that the side pockets are not closed, they are easily accessible. The slit style adds to the sleek appearance. A real rabbit fur hood with satin interior lining is really stunning and provides a way to keep ears and neck warm. Authentic rabbit fur is ideal for retaining warmth within. Furred winter wear is essential for cold days. In addition to the silky texture of premium satin, the high-end clothing is assured to keep one comfy throughout the wear period.

The top-notch zippers and fur assure its long-term durability, making it a worthwhile investment. The central zipper closure ensures smooth operation. The loose-fit tailored jacket, on the other hand, stays in place and provides a snug fit, due to elastic cuffs and hemline.   

Aside from luxury, the Women Turtle neck Bomber retains its legendary status. A stunning aura is given off by an extraordinary single tone of uniform black. The beauty of the jacket is that it may be combined with any dress of a contrasting shade. It is also physique and occasion adaptable.

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Physical Features: 

  • Natural Rabbit fur waist-length bomber 
  • Uniform texture
  • Uniform black shade
  • Silky Satin inner lining
  • Fixed hood
  • Elasticized wrist border and hemline
  • Zippered front closure
  • Slit front pockets
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