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Womens Black Trench Coat


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The womens black trench coat is a sheer choice for the women’s wardrobe as an amazingly comfy and stunning outerwear. This delicate piece is perfectly lightweight yet provides a cosy layering suitable for springtime and even during the fall. This gorgeous black attire is manufactured from authentic lambskin thereby producing a resistant wear and radiating a soft ritzy appeal. The super finesse of aniline leather makes it a sterling piece suited for both fun casual outings as well as for ceremonial purposes. The smoothness of the fabric and the refined black color beautifully add to the magnificence of this trench coat. This attractive coat is a high-end product due to its inherent application of superior quality silk lining therein ensuring warmth and comfort to the wearer.

Black women’s trench coat displays a notched lapel collar design to accentuate its exclusive leather frameworkIt has a distinctive knee-length style with buttons distinctly exhibited on the front making it a modish double-breasted coat among other varieties. There is a stylized chunky leather belt at the waistline with a buckle imparting support to the entire attire making it easier to adjust according to body proportions. Even the sleeves of this elegant coat look distinguished and refined due to the distinct design of stylish buckled-up leather bands around the cuffs. This apparel has been exclusively designed taking into account all the essential attributes of a utilitarian trench coat.


Key Features:

  • Knee-length monochromic black colored trench coat as a congenial outerwear.
  • Genuine lambskin certifies a durable coat for long-lasting utility.
  • Aniline Leather guarantees smoothness and a glitzy appeal to the bodywork.
  • Premium quality silk lining in the innermost body of the coat ensures warmth and comfort.
  • Notched lapel collar design flaunting a stylized angular design.
  • Double-breasted coat with buttoned-up frontline.
  • Swanky wide leather belt with a buckle at the waistline.
  • Stylized sleeves with buckled-up leather bands around the cuffs.
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