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Womens Colorful Fox Fur Coat


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Designers have handcrafted this womens colorful fox fur coat using sectioned pelts of Arctic fox. It will certainly be the right outfit for any winter-time revelry or get-togethers. The fusion of purple and plum shades certainly looks appealing. It will make any woman look glamorous. This lightweight coat is an excellent choice for outings. The gentle feel of fox fur combined with satin lining can keep one comfortable all day long.

Impressive Qualities of Colorful Fox Fur Womens Coat

The smooth texture of arctic fox fur is perfectly complemented by the velvety feel of the satin lining. It certainly heightens the pleasure of wearing this coat. One can also enjoy the incredible warmth of fox fur after wearing this coat. To emphasize, the long and fluffy guard-hair works like a shield against the icy wind. At the same time, the dense undercoat gives a cozy feel to the wearer and retains the body-heat. Thus, one stays warm and comfortable even on the windy days of winter.

This outfit is also designed with a modish collar which deserves a special mention. It covers the entire neck in pleasant warmth of fox fur. Furthermore, the hook-and-eye fastener allows one to enjoy complete protection in colder months. As can be seen, this coat is handcrafted with three-quarter sleeves. A woman can easily carry her essentials using the slit-style pockets on either side of this outfit. One may even use these pockets to cover the palms and keep them warm whenever necessary.

Key Components

  • Luxuriant coat of fox fur looks magnificent in perfect fusion of purple and plum shades
  • Artistic arrangement of sectioned pelts gives a unique look to this outfit
  • Fashionable collar and three-quarter sleeves of fox fur to keep the neck and arms warm in winter
  • Velvety texture of satin lining offers a silky feel
  • Slit-style pockets on both sides for essentials
  • Durable and user-friendly hook-and-eye fastener
  • Gorgeous and lightweight outfit for parties, social events or casual outings
  • Looks equally spectacular when paired with skirts, dresses, trousers, tights or any other type of women’s bottom-wear
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