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Womens Fox Fur Coat with Wide Collar for An All-Time Glamorous Appearance


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This luxurious womens fox fur coat with wide collar is undeniably a head-turner. Its modish shawl-style collar is crafted using the soft and shiny fur from Silver fox. On the other hand, gorgeous fur from the Arctic fox covers the front, back as well as the sleeves. To emphasize, lush pelts of Arctic fox are arranged artistically to create a lovely pattern of horizontal tiers. Furthermore, the natural colors of the fur covering the coat’s collar and body create a striking contrast.

Spectacular Traits of Womens Fox Fur Wide Collar Coat

When designing this waist-length coat, skilled artists have beautifully balanced the aesthetic and utilitarian features. The pelts of Arctic fox and Silver fox offer outstanding insulation from the cold alongside making this outfit look gorgeous. Furthermore, the fox fur prevents overheating due to being a breathable fabric. Therefore, one can enjoy extraordinary warmth and comfort after wearing this coat.

The wide shawl-style collar works as a warm cover for the neck, shoulders and front part of one’s body. Owing to the extra long sleeves of fox fur, one receives absolute protection in wintry weather. Furthermore, the satin lining feels silky soft to the touch and offers a pleasant feel to the wearer. This jacket is designed with two slit pockets on each side for comfort as well as convenience.

Classy & Versatile Womens Wide Collar Fox Fur Coat

With numerous styling options, this lightweight and exquisite coat is certainly a versatile outfit for the winter. One may pair it up with a skirt or dress of any length or style. At the same time, wearing this coat over a pair of jeans or modish trousers can make a woman look equally chic. It’s also possible to pair this outfit with a large variety of footwear, other fashionable accessories for women.

Key Components

  • Elegant waist-length coat combines the magnificence of fur from two different breeds of fox
  • A lovely shawl-style collar of Silver fox fur covers the neck, shoulders as well as the front
  • Hook-and-eye closure in the front
  • Velvety feel through satin lining
  • Long baggy sleeves look stylish in paragraph style pattern of fox fur pelts
  • Spacious slit pockets on both sides


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