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Womens Waist Length Baggy Coat with Shawl Style Collar Down


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A well-groomed look improves both persona and attractiveness! The womens waist length baggy coat is a significant variation in comfort and design that defines new winter fashion trends. It is designed to withstand cold conditions and meet the requirements for party wear. It is a simple coat, yet the hue of fox fur types creates a fairly glamorous combination. Hence, its glossy appeal stems exclusively from natural design.

The wonderful charm of genuine fox fur reveals its superior grade. The natural tone of golden fox fur forms an iconic pattern. The elegance is upheld by the perfect blend of golden shades. The unusual and most-extraordinary grandeur suffices the gorgeous wear. Apart from vision appeal, warmth retention is appreciable. The comfy wear is further made plush by the inner satin lining. Rich satin is very silky and smooth. Since the jacket is crafted with overall superior-quality dense fur and satin, it is certain to be appropriate for everyone.

The entire level of excellence is maintained. Long sleeves are designed to be baggy in order to add a distinctive touch. The overall construction of the coat is elegant and suitable for all women. It can be worn with short bodycon dresses, narrow-fit jeans, or loose casual trousers. The simple outfit is both comfortable to wear and portable. With its blended shade and sparkle glaze, the ultra fashion-tuned clothing makes a typical mark. 

Collar down in shawl style upholds the vintage charm. The furred collar gives off an enduring luxury and keeps the neck warm. The shawl type extends to form the narrow frontline which is very stylish. Slit-style pockets on hip-length leaves a sophisticated impression.

The womens waist length baggy coat is premium wear with the most regal touch; it carries stalwart seam stitches to endure its durability. 

Physical Features:

  • Waist length winter coat
  • Golden fox fur 
  • Natural high grade dense fox fur
  • Silky satin inner lining
  • Shawl style furry collar
  • Slit style hip level pockets
  • Long Sleeves 
  • Comfortable baggy fit coat
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