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Alabama Brown Shearling with Fox Trims Creates Stunning Aesthetic Appeal


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The nature of a person is portrayed through the attire to a large extent. A person’s aesthetically pleasing attire creates a positive vibe for the person in front of the former one. It is a great deal to choose one product from the huge collection of winter clothing of Furrik with excellent aesthetic appeal and modern fashion trends. Alabama Brown Shearling with Fox Trims is one such piece.

On winter days, a shearling jacket is always a stylish and practical choice. For those who love fashion, pure sheepskin shearling with a suede exterior is a great option. With its distinctive features and unquestionably fashionable trim, this Shearling is the perfect outfit. This short, women’s shearling jacket has an asymmetrical, semicircular hemline. While the back side reaches the hip, the front side sits above the waist.

This brown-shaded outfit is both elegant and calming to the eyes. The inner side of this shearling jacket is a pure trimmed fur surface. The inner surface is exposed at the edges of the jacket. The cuff ends also reveal the light brown shade of the fur surface of the inner area.
This jacket is unique because of the milky-white Arctic Fox fur pelts in the collar. The fox fur collar is detachable and conceals the front closure unit.

Two side slit pockets for hand warming also serve as small storage spaces. In addition, the ribbed format design at the sides of the back & front of the jacket and the cuffs elevate its aesthetic appeal. This jacket can go with any trousers, jeans or bottom outfits and enhance the aesthetic appeal to the wearer.


• Light brown shade
• Pure sheepskin shearling for women
• Outer surface with a suede finish
• Trimmed fur surface inside
• Short-length with an asymmetrical semicircular hemline
• Full-sleeved, black-shaded jacket
• Inner fur surface exposed at the edges including cuff ends
• Two side pockets
• Arctic fox fur milky-white collar

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