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Authentic Coffee Brown Shearling Jacket Has a Charm and Aesthetic Appeal


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Authentic products are always in high demand. Pure shearling coats and jackets are especially known for their soft texture and comfort with warmth. Furrik introduced this Authentic Coffee Brown Shearling jacket, which is a pure shearling jacket made from sheepskin. The sheepskin jacket is in a suede finish and has a special charm with aesthetic appeal.

The Coffee Brown Shearling jacket is a must-have for the winter season. This is elegant winter wear for men. It is an incredibly versatile piece that can be worn as a jacket or over your favourite dress during the chilled windy months of the year. The warm hue of the coffee brown of this jacket does not provide warmth but goes well with any formal event or a casual party.

The jacket has a collar with a lapel style, where the collar and the lapel are the flipped part of the inner woollen trimmed surface. The woollen layer has a black shade that adds a contrast effect with the coffee brown.

Made of authentic pelts of shearling, this jacket is hand-crafted with immense care. This winter shearling jacket has a perfect balance between aesthetic appeal and practical functionality. This outfit has unparalleled sophistication and style that enhances the aesthetic appeal.

The speciality of this jacket is it has multiple zippers. It has four side pockets in total, among which two are vertical & the remaining two are horizontal. These pockets are small storage spaces. The two lower pockets in horizontal manners are hand-warming spaces during chilled windy days. Premium quality metallic zip-lock keeps the pockets safe and secure for the belongings. This waist-length cropped jacket has an asymmetrical front closure. The front closure with a metallic zipper and the zipped cuffs provides insulation from cold winds. To add more style, two pairs of in-built leather belts with buckles and loops are present.


  • Genuine shearling pelts
  • Asymmetrical front closure with metallic zipper
  • Four side pockets with zippers
  • Two vertical and two horizontal
  • The inner woollen layer was flipped and exposed at the collar
  • Two pairs of in-built leather jackets


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