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Authentic Rabbit Fur Jacket for Kids in Orange


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Featuring Furrik’s authentic rabbit fur jacket for kids, a modern take on children’s winter wear with a highly distinctive single tone! It is a comfortable winter wear and has a striking orange hue. In contrast to a superb children’s wear, the vibrant single-shade design on this winter wear along with the hood, is extremely delightful and tempting. The attractive apparel has a plush and deluxe feel that would improves comfort and excellent appearance in addition to its eye-catching appeal.

The alluring appeal is influenced by the rabbit fur’s smooth scattering appearance. A wonderful feeling is provided by the opulent inner Satin lining. This winter clothing is light and portable. Consequently, aside from its beautiful attractiveness, it is one of the most lavish and hence best suited for kids’ wear.

The rabbit fur jacket features a simple front chrome finished zip-up fastening, made to keep the body warm. Thus the winter coat is a sheer shield against adverse climatic conditions. At the wrist and waist, the garment develops a tight-fit bomber style. Despite having a comfortable fit, the bomber having the elastic stretch holds itself in place, neatly, throughout the frantic fun time activities.


The winter wear is designed with two side pockets at hip level so that palms may remain warm.  Little valuables can also be carried along, remaining secured inside the pockets. The feature adds to the complete luxurious aesthetic. It is designed for exceptionally cold weather conditions with an additional detachable style rabbit fur hood. In addition to providing warmth and safety, the gorgeous orange rabbit fur Bomber is made to last in kids’ fashion. Additionally, the stalwart jacket is tailored the best to maintain original shape and shade. 

The winter wear precisely meets the optimum parameters required for a kid’s tender wear. Maintaining a low jacket weight is to warmth ratio, integrating the finest raw materials, maintaining a smooth silky texture and serene appealing decor, the Authentic Rabbit Fur Jacket for Kids in Orange shall thrive in all sorts of children’s festival.

Physical Features:

  • Full skin Rabbit fur bomber 
  • Elastic style on wrist and waist
  • Slit-style side pockets on hip level
  • Fine chrome zip-up closure on front
  • Rabbit fur hood in orange
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