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Aviator Suede finish Shearling Bomber Jacket


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We understand that stylish but comfortable jackets are hard to find. Hence furrik is here to provide a solution to this unique problem. Wear this Aviator Suede finish Shearling Bomber Jacket in Tawny for Men during the cold winter festivities to stay fashionable while staying warm. This trendy winter jacket by furrik will complement your present wardrobe. Hands with outstanding style and dexterity lovingly crafted this winter jacket.

This luxurious jacket is made from supple feather-touch Shearling Sheepskin and features a distressed suede finish. The pure sheepskin leather with brown fur detailing makes this outfit classy yet a trending piece in the fashion industry. The eye-catching contrasting brown fur detailing on the tawny-colored full sleeves proceeds to uplift the jacket from regular wear to high fashion. The flipped collar is the highlight of the appearance with the highest quality fur and the majestic. It has a perfect, ageless look thanks to the short, waist-length bomber jacket with a robust hickory elastic band at the hem and cuffs. The epaulets uplift the jacket to a much higher standard.

Fur embellishments on the sleeves of the jacket with a distressed finish add visual interest to the exterior. The leather is appealingly antique and has a distinctive shimmer. A thick, wide fur collar is part of the fashionable and seductive winter attire. The plush fleece covering on the interior will give you increased comfort. This designer outfit has a sleek appearance. The fleece covering offers sufficient insulation to fend off sharp winds. To provide optimum insulation, the front-open jacket is outfitted with centrally placed premium zippers with a chrome finish. The elasticized areas ensure full insulation to ward off severe gusts. The design of the two side pockets combines comfort and style. The vertical straight pockets with flip closures can be used to hold little belongings for you or to protect your exposed hands from the chilly elements.

Curated with extreme care, just for you, the various sizes available make the jacket fit every size and body shape. Stay stylishly warm with an Aviator Suede finish Shearling Bomber Jacket in Tawny for Men that can also be used as outerwear paired with jeans for an everyday fashionable look. Procuring this stunning gorgeous jacket ought to bring out your charming personality. Getting this wonderful, stunning jacket should highlight your appealing personality, and being durable is worth your money.

Physical Features: 

  • Sheepskin shearling finish
  • Flipped fur collar
  • Epaulets on the shoulders
  • Bomber jacket
  • Aviator jacket
  • Elasticated waist and cuff bands
  • Premium quality metallic zipper as front closure
  • Wide flipped fur collar in accentuating color
  • Horizontal fur detail on full sleeves in brown color
  • Two vertical pockets with flip cover
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