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Black Lamb Fur Jacket for Men, an Irresistible Winter Wear Radiating Sophistication


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Furrik offers irresistible winter outfits for men that showcase the masculine aura & this Black Lamb Fur Jacket for Men is the best example of this. This product is made from genuine and premium quality pelts of shearling. This chic winter wear is easy to carry to any social gathering or party that radiates unparalleled sophistication and elegance.

The outfit has a unique design with the utmost creativity and innovation. This jacket has a suede finish outer surface, while the inner fabric is trimmed woollen fur. The trimmed woollen fur is flipped and exposed at the collar, the sleeve edges and the hemlines. The outfit is a perfect example of a product with a balance between practical functionality and aesthetic appeal.

The trimmed woollen fur collar is a zip-out collar, where a premium quality chrome-finished zipper is the front closure. The black jacket has two side pockets with a metal zipper closure. The pockets are spacious enough to keep the hands warm during extremely low temperatures. The unbelievable chic outlook in this outfit with the in-built leather belt with dual straps on the collar. The secondary collar has black trimmed fur with in-built leather belts attached to it. The collar has a zip also to make this jacket more stylish. The full-sleeved jacket has a pair of in-built leather belts on each cuff with dual straps. The leather belts have buckles and loops for fastening.

The texture of the outfit is soft & supple. This is also lightweight that can be carried easily. Also, due to the flawless finish, this winter wear is perfect clothing to be paired with any bottom option.


  •  The inner woollen layer is flipped at exposed at the collar, the frontline, the bottom edge and the cuffs of the arm
  • Unbelievably chic and appealing
  • Has a plush leather belt with dual straps on the collar
  • Two hand-warming side pockets
  •  A pair of stylish leather belts along the lower arms
  •  Chrome-finished metallic zippers as front closure
  •  The item range is very soft and supple in texture
  •  Moreover, this is pretty lightweight and easy to carry


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