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Brown Lam Fur Jacket for Men in Stylish and Appealing Outlook


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Lambs are well known for their soft and warm furs. The lambskin shearling winter outfits gained attention for their amazing comfort and warmth. Furrik introduced this Brown Lam Fur Jacket For Men that has genuine shearling pelts. The lambskin shearling is of premium quality and aesthetically classy.

The creativity and innovation used for creating this outfit deserve true appreciation. The authentic lambskin shearling itself marks its class, added with the excellent designs. The balance between practical functionality and aesthetic appeal is maintained in this jacket.

The suede finish shearling in light brown has a virile aura that is hard to resist. The inner surface of this jacket has an off-white shade that is a trimmed woollen surface. The inner surface when flipped and exposed at some areas of the outfit, like the zip-out collar, the inner collar, the frontline, the bottom edge and the cuffs of the arms, enhances the style statement of the jacket. The flipped and exposed surfaces add a striking contrast to the light brown shade of the outfit.

The winter outfit also includes a luxurious leather belt with dual straps on the collar. The addition of leather belts and lower arms makes the winter edition more attractive and refined.

The placement of high-quality chrome-finished zippers in the centre of the jacket ensures insulation. Any bottoms could be worn with the lambskin jacket. There are large zippered hand-warming side pockets that will keep your palms toasty and insulated in the cold outdoors. The product line provides a precise fit. Dark brown shaded straps border the jacket at the collar, collar belt straps, the frontline, the bottom edge, the cuff edges, cuff belt straps and pockets that enhance the chic and appealing outlook.


  • The inner woollen layer is flipped and revealed at the collar, forefront, bottom edge, and arm cuffs
  • The jacket appears incredibly stylish and inviting
  • The texture of the product line is exceptionally soft and supple
  • The trendy winter wear item features a soft leather belt and two collar straps.
  • Leather belts with dual straps run along the lower arms
  • High-quality chrome-finished zippers in the centre provide insulation within the jacket.
  • Side pockets with zippers for hand warming


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