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Cross Fox Coat with Hood


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A Cross Fox Coat with Hood like real fur and In cold or windy weather, 

Why should you buy a fur coat? Is there any valid reason? Well, there are several reasons. A fur coat can be rabbit fur, chinchilla fur, fox fur, or mink fur. Each of them has different features. However, fox fur excels in soft, thick fur with warmth and comfort. The soft and supple texture of the fox fur makes it an ideal material for winter outfits. Among the different genres of fox furs, the cross fox fur looks luxurious due to its gorgeous fur type.  

Women are prone to look stylish in all seasons in their outfits and so choose exotic, unique, and attention-seeking pieces. Furrik considered this feature of women and created this Cross Fox Coat with Hood. This fur coat is made from pure Cross Fox fur pelts. The fur coat is milky white with a greyish tinge. The inside of this coat is inner lined with premium quality silk-satin fabric for added insulation and warmth. 

The length of this full-sleeved winter wear extends up to the thigh or a little above the knee. The coat has a wide hood that is made from the same fur as the body of the coat. This fluffy fur hood provides extra warmth & protection to the neck & head area from colder climates. A hooded coat is always preferable for cold weather. This fox fur coat is not an exception.   

In this coat, the fox fur pelts are used vertically to create a unique design pattern. The fluffy and soft texture of this coat with this vertical pattern design makes it one of the best winter outfits. This Cross fox fur coat is soft, durable, warm, and a luxurious & practical choice for the winter. The sizes available for this coat are from S to 6XL. 

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