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Full Skin Mink Fur Coat for Men with Striking Collar and Lapel


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Mink Fur Coats are warm and a natural insulator, making them perfect for harsh winters where the temperature reaches near freezing point. Mink is an expensive fur because of its warmth and dense fur. Furrik introduced the Full Skin Mink Fur Coat for Men with Striking natural fox fur Collar and Lapel. In this coat, the highest quality mink pelts from Saga Furs in America were used. 

This fur coat is thick, dense and is soft, and extremely opulent. The clothing has a vintage appearance thanks to the Natural Shades of Exotic Black in the body and Classic Brown in the collar. The collar is a lapel-style collar, whereas the lapel is a fold-out shawl lapel. The body is velvety in looks, while the collar is fluffy fur. The body and the collar are in contrast to each other. 

The coat has long sleeves to protect the hands. Along with that, the two side pockets are used for palm-warming. The side pockets can also provide adequate space for storage options. That means, during harsh winter, the hands are fully protected. The side pockets are vertically slit. The coat has premium quality silk-satin inner lining, which is comfortable to wear. The front of this coat has large buttons and eye holes as front closures. There are three large buttons and eye holes. This coat has a flawless finish and a perfect masculine aura. 

The length of this coat extends just below the waistline. The overall look of this outfit makes it smart winter wear for chilly days. The style and practical functionality in this outfit keep your standard high ensuring your aesthetics and culture are reflected through it. This appealing black coat fits well in any office party, family get-together, or casual social meet. 


  • Pure mink fur 
  • Fur coat in appealing black
  • Fluffy and soft texture
  • Silk-satin inner lining
  • Buttons and eye holes as front closure
  • Two slit side pockets
  • Black body and brown collar in contrast
  • Flawless finish and perfect masculine aura
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