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Genuine Leather Jackets in Black for Tasteful Ladies is Worth Exploring


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Smart ladies love smart outfits. Leather and fur materials are always the favourite choices for fashion lovers. Pure leather jackets are always a smart choice. Furrik introduced genuine leather jackets in Black for Tasteful ladies. This jacket has a pure black shade with a simple and appealing design.

The straight-cut style of this outfit gives a smart look. This is a waist-length jacket that has zippered front closure. There are flawless seam lines at the front closure, collar, shoulder and back. The seam lines create a unique design. The collar is mandarin style and adds extra smartness. The sleeves are also stylish with zippered cuffs. High-quality metallic zippers are used to ensure longer durability.

The cuff endings are with strap-like features that close with snap buttons. The zip-lock system and the snap button strap ends of the sleeves save from chilled winds outside. The appealing black jacket has two side pockets with zippers used for hand warming and small storage space. The pockets are in a slanted manner.

You can bring style and glamour to your outfit by merely putting on this luxurious piece. This product is a choice for those who wish to show their power with a style statement. Made from authentic pelts of the premium range Italian-finish leather, this jacket is a style statement for the young generation.

This is a cropped jacket and is used especially by women bikers or riders. A distinct hemline with a unique stitch pattern creating a wide waistline is adorned with leather belts. Two in-built small leather belts with loops and buckles for fastening are at the two sides. The inner lining with silk-satin material and the perfect fittings of this winter outfit enhances the girlish charm of the wearer.


  • Genuine Italian finish leather
  • Immaculate inner lining with silk-satin
  • Crop style waist-length jacket
  • Two side pockets with zip-lock
  • Front closure with premium metallic zipper
  • This outfit is appealing, stylish, tasteful and elegant.
  • Genuine Leather Jackets in Black
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