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Gray Aviator Shearling Bomber Jacket with fox fur Hood for Men


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Greet winter fashionably with a statement shearling jacket from Furrik. Launching an excellently made authentic shark Gray Aviator Shearling Bomber Jacket with fox fur Hood for Men by Furrik exclusively for you. The smooth grey jacket with a suede texture is made entirely of genuine shearling pelts. This winter coat is painstakingly made by hands of extraordinary style and grace.

It is really difficult to resist the shearling jacket’s alluring masculinity. This winter clothing offers the ideal blend between fashionable looks and useful functionality. The pristine sheepskin leather and the black fur components of this outfit make it beautiful and fashionable at the same time. The full-length black fur sleeves of the jacket transform it from casual wear to high fashion. The highlights of the outfit, which are sure to draw attention, are the broad collar and hood, both made of the best black arctic fur. The short, waist-length bomber jacket with a sturdy black leather band at the hem and cuffs gives it a flawless, timeless appearance. The hem and the cuffs are also lined with fur trimmings. You always seem smart and modern when you don this apparel.

The exterior of the grey jacket with a suede texture is made visually interesting by the fur accents on the sleeves. The leather is enticing antique-like and has a distinct sheen. A thick, broad fur collar is a component of chic and alluring winter clothing. The interior surface’s luxurious fleece covering will boost your comfort. This fashionable clothing looks classy. The fleece lining provides enough insulation to withstand strong gusts. Even the collar has a black leather belt to help in complete insulation. The front-open jacket has superior, chrome-finished zippers set in strategic locations to provide the best insulation possible. The jacket’s tailored design guarantees complete insulation to fend off strong winds. The two side pockets’ layout blends comfort and style. You can utilize the vertical straight pockets with flap covers to store little items for yourself or to shield your exposed hands from the brisk weather. The pockets’ side entrance makes access simple.

Wear a Gray Aviator Shearling Bomber Jacket with fox fur Hood for Men with jeans for a consistently aesthetic appearance. Getting this lovely jacket should let you showcase your attractive side. Getting this fantastic, eye-catching jacket would emphasize your fascinating personality. This gear is well worth your hard-earned money because it is sturdy and requires little upkeep.

Physical Features: 

  • Sheepskin shearling finish
  • Black Arctic Fox fur collar with Hood
  • Shark Gray Bomber jacket
  • Aviator Jacket
  • Black leather bands on the waist and cuffs
  • Black leather belt on the collar
  • Premium quality metallic zipper as front closure
  • Wide flipped fur collar in contrasting black color
  • Horizontal fur detail on full sleeves in black color
  • Two vertical pockets with flip covers with slash openings
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