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Long Leather Coat for Women


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Leather coats are a staple in many a season’s attire. Their beauty stems from the fact that they are the most adaptable of all categories. Leather outerwear flourishes in all conditions, regardless of weather, utility, or even purpose. On the other hand, their lighter weight is a terrific trait that makes dressing suitable for any situation. Furrik’s Long Leather Coat with the following specifications is most likely a nearly ideal outerwear for women.  

The knee-length coat is out of the ordinary and exudes a traditional stance in women’s design. It defines a refined approach to bringing sharpness to the transitional trend. It adds a layer of warmth preservation while also bringing beautiful tones to highlight its outstanding appearance. Longer length emits a warm aura and has a higher index of insulation against the cold. 

The coat is without a doubt delicate and comfortable. Its shell neither irritates or upsets human skin, nor will it distress it. The coat’s genuine lamb leather with an aniline finish works wonders to catch the eye. Throughout the jacket, genuine leather maintains its luster and sheen. Its smooth texture has an enticing feel to it. The luxurious satin internal lining keeps the warmth in. Silky smoothness is certain to render the most pleasant feeling.

A charming single-toned beige hue is featured throughout. The homogeneous shade is stunning and throws off an utter beauty. Most often, single-shaded wear is preferred which defines a super fashionable touch. Long sleeves leave a comfy and sleek impression. Cuffs, on the other hand, are accessorized with a belt. Buckles aid the cuff adjustment. Waistline is additionally tailored with a belt which can be taken off to reflect a casual style. On the contrary, one can be in the most formal get-up with a buckled-up belt or even exude a stunning image by modifying the belt wrap style.

The stylish coat has its front fastening facilitated by the double-breast button-down design that distinguishes an exclusive label. Basic characteristics such as an upright collar with short notch lapels and front pockets along the sides contribute to the conventional charm.  Pockets, on the other hand, have an easy hand-sliding slit-cut style that also increases the coat’s overall appeal. The back flaps create a  cutting-edge twist that contributes significantly to an esteemed statement.

Besides, the Long Leather Coat sturdy tailoring and premium quality leather ensure that its regal definition is maintained and that it looks as good as new after repeated uses. It meets the standards for acquiring an extended lifespan. 


Physical Features:

  • Long length coat
  • Lamb Leather with Full Aniline Finish
  • Internal Satin lining
  • Double breast front with button closure
  • Slit pockets on sides
  • Collar down with notch lapel
  • Cuff and Wasit belt with buckle ends
  • Back Flap
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