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Luxury Silver Fox Fur Jacket for Women Is a Knee-Length Smart Outfit


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Fur jackets have dominated the fashion market due to their sophisticated and alluring appeal. Among the real furs, Silver Fox Fur has its fan base. Fox fur long coats for ladies are in high demand with the latest trends. Furrik has introduced the most premium quality fur jackets and coats, Luxury Silver Fox Fur Jacket for Women is one of a kind.

This woman’s silver fox fur long coat is composed of full-skin real fox fur. This fox fur coat comes with its natural colour and feels by being made with one of the costliest furs in the fur fashion industry. This knee-length outfit is a long trench coat with a fantastic appearance.

This classic long silver fox fur coat is enhanced with a well-decorated hood and wide lapels. The wide, large hood and the lapel are the focal points of the long coat.

This Silver fox fur coat with full sleeves adds more comfort and cosiness to the wearer. The texture is exceptionally smooth and supple. The full-width-length sleeves lend a touch of glitz. These baggy-style sleeves are sufficiently wide to provide adequate warmth and comfort. The coat as a whole is puffy and keeps you warm. Each side of the silver fox long coat features a concealed pocket. They are spacious and hand-warming, keeping your palms cosy when you are out.

The genuine fox fur trench coat has a secret clip with a lock system inserted in the centre and serves as the closure. The inside lining is silk-satin, which is soft to the touch. Silver fox fur is used to line the interior and outside of the hood. This provides excellent insulation and additional warmth to your head & neck area. All the features of this outfit make it a must-have addition to your wardrobe.

Product Specification –

  • A genuine full-skin silver fox fur.
  • High-quality satin-finished lining.
  • Each side pocket is hand-warming and spacious.
  • The texture is luxuriously smooth and silky.
  • The Hood is the focal point of the complete ensemble.
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