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Luxury White Fox Fur Full Coat for Women is a perfect winter collection


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Winter demands cosiness and a thick furry winter outfit is a great option for that. Ladies usually love thick winter jackets and coats that provide them with the necessary warmth, cosiness and the latest style. Furrik craftsmen understand this theory very well and launched this Luxury White Fox Fur Full Coat for Women. This is one of a kind of luxurious outfit from the fur collection of the winter wardrobe.

This White Fox Fur Coat for Women is a masterpiece that looks elegant and beautiful in the milky white shade. The texture of the fur is super soft and immensely supple. This coat is a premium quality product made from Scandinavian White Shadow foxes. White Shadow Fox Whole skins from Scandinavian eco fur forms.

The coat has some striking features to make you happy and eager to purchase it. The soft skin fur coat is a full-length outfit. This long coat has full sleeves that are wider and cover the hands properly. This cosy winter coat has quite a simple design yet looks so stylish.

The wide collar of this coat covers the shoulders. This coat has a double-sided large hood that makes the wearer more comfortable during the chilling cold outside. The outfit is easy to carry and provides full insulation. This coat is a timeless classic winter wardrobe that every woman will love to include in their collection. This is a handcrafted product created with innovative craftsmanship.

The coat has a front closure with hooks and opens the outfit symmetrically at the centre. The skin is premium Saga Royal quality. The silk satin lining inside this coat provides immense comfort and is soft to the wearer. As the coat covers the entire body, one can wear this with any outfit.


  • Authentic and premium quality Scandinavian fur
  • The white shadow fox fur is used for this coat
  • Simple and stylish outfit for the winter days
  • Flawless finish with inner silk satin lining.
  • Hook closure at the front
  • Covers the entire body
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