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Men’s Sheepskin Shearling Suede Fitted Lamb Fur Jacket


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Can safety and fashion coexist? We, at Furrik, emphasize the warmth, insulation, and comfort that a cozy winter outfit provides on cold winter days. However, that does not imply that we have to forgo fashion or flair. In terms of winter clothing, this chic Suede Fitted Lamb Fur Jacket for Men from Furrik strikes the perfect balance between fashion and coziness.

A sensational suede finish with a mixture of Caramel, tawny and dark brown with white pelts on the wide flipped collar makes it a perfect winter wear. The glamorous zipper-up jacket is a must-have for a stylish wardrobe. The revere collar covered with soft white lamb fur is the winter look that you ought to go for.

Made from original premium quality sheepskin, the jacket is soft and supple thus providing the feeling of utmost comfort. It is the perfect combination of sharpness, style, and practicality. The fleece-lined fur jacket is expertly designed to keep out the cold. The dense long-haired fur keeps you warm all winter long. To provide optimum insulation, the front-open jacket is outfitted with strategically placed premium zippers with a chrome finish. The stylish and alluring winter clothing contains two leather belts around the waist and a single belt around the wide collars. It is even fashioned with 2 huge vertical pockets to protect the exposed hands and keep them cozy. The straight pockets also allow you to effortlessly store trinkets. The pockets are styled with buttoned flip covers.

Being a plush winter outfit, the woolen surface of the lambskin is flipped. It is wool fur trims that are exposed to the joints. Fur trims lined along the hemline edge of the jacket give it an elegant finish. The long-sleeved jacket is finished with fur trims on the cuffs. The fleece-lined jacket with a fitted waistline is a look that can be worn in professional settings or for social gatherings.

Made from the softest fur of lambs, this premium sheepskin shearling Suede Fitted Lamb Fur Jacket for Men is designed to last long. The various sizes available make sure that the jacket is a perfect fit for all body types and heights. 

Physical Features:

  • An extraordinary mix of caramel, tawny, and dark brown colors
  • Centrally placed heavy-duty metal zippers
  • Wide flipped white revere lapel
  • 2 exterior vertical pockets
  • The luxurious white lamb fur lining
  • Fur-trimmed flipped cuffs
  • Suede finish
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