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Men’s Puffer Leather Bomber Jacket

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Elevate personality and fashion with a stylish appearance! Putting forth the Men’s Puffer Leather Bomber Jacket – a unique variation in comfort and design, defining the winter vogue. It is made to withstand extremely chilly temperatures and to meet the requirements for becoming part-wear. This wear is maintained as simple as possible, with meticulous aesthetic design highlighting its elegance from the basic styling.

An overall supreme quality is maintained. The puffy jacket is well made, and just by looking at it, one can infer how warm it may be. It is tailored with full sleeves and a flexible fit body. Thus the easy dressing is quite comfortable to be carried and also allows for vigorous activities. However, the bomber style is featured through its voluminous appeal.

Pure lamb leather in a complete Analine finishing unveils its premium grade with smooth polish and lustrous glow. Unparallel charm suffices the gorgeous wear. Apart from vision appeal, warmth retention is appreciable. The comfy wear is further made plush by the inner satin lining. Rich satin is very silky and smooth. A good quality product is suitable for all and maintains the optimum temperature. The glossy textured wear is designed with a high warmth-to-weight ratio.

The collared neck style is a classic appearance and a smart appeal. The puffed-up feature imparts an eternal luxury and keeps the neck warm. It is detailed with button-down closing and this further extends to the hemline. It is a neat dressing with less ornamentation. The pocket is tailored in patch style and leaves a sophisticated impression. Flaps do the closing and items can be kept secured.

The winter wear is a suit jacket and can go well for formal occasions. Also, it can form a semi-formal attire with its additional clip-out hood. The button attaching the hood is pretty elite and provides the wearer with alternate options. Thus the puffer leather bomber jacket eclipses the perfect definition of true winter wear.

Further, it is made to be durable and requires little upkeep to maintain its original shape. Allure’s top-notch craftsmanship ensures that it will continue to look brand new. It will be able to be passed down through the generations due to its increased sturdiness. It is a one-time investment, and selection is the smartest one!

Physical Features:

  • Puffer jacket
  • Single tone
  • Lamb leather with Analine finishing
  • Silky satin inner lining
  • Smart style collared neck with button closing
  • Flapped pockets in patch style 
  • Full Sleeves in puffer style
  • Bomber style with flexible fit
  • Button down front closing
  • Available in sizes     
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