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Men’s Raccoon Fur 3/4 Length Coat with Wide Lapel Collars, A Premium Wear


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Chilled winters are best enjoyed with warm clothes and lucrative dishes. The best attire for extremely chilly days is one that offers sufficient warmth and defense against the chilling wind. Because of their inherent hairs, real animal furs are the most popular body warmers. With new fashions, raccoon fur is becoming more and more popular. This Men’s Raccoon Fur 3/4 Length Coat with Wide Lapel Collars by Furrik provides adequate insulation to withstand the cold to enjoy the happy moments.

The fur hairs of this coat are dense, long, thick, and evenly spaced and are perfect for harsh winter climates where the temperature drops near the freezing point. Raccoon fur pelts of premium quality are used to make this coat. The golden hue with a brownish tinge makes this coat a rare collection. 

This above-the-knee-length coat has a soft and smooth touch. This is a full-sleeved coat that is comfortable in winter for the hands. This coat has a fluffy and wide collar with notched lapels made from the same fabric as the body and sleeves. 

This coat has a high-end silk-satin fabric as an inner lining. This long coat goes well with any bottom outfit and covers almost 3/4th of a man. A hidden hook fastener acts as the closure. The product line exudes a masculine vibe and has an impeccable finish.

Fur is always in style. In the fashion world, fur products have long been regarded as status symbols. This coat serves the purpose of providing warmth and is in a unique shade to keep you stylish for any event.


  • Coat made solely of raccoon fur
  • Golden with a brown tinge
  • Lapel collar with notch
  • the long coat above the knee
  • masculine vibe with a perfect finish
  • Silk-satin lining inside
  • Hidden hook fastener used as a closure
  • Men’s Raccoon Fur
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