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Mens Sheepskin Shearling Bomber Jacket


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A classic look on a casual but festive gathering! Of the tagline, many questions arise like what material of the clothing, which design, which color shade, etc to be worn on such a conflicting theme to look the most ever well dressed. If a topping of the ice-cold surrounding is further added, the matter gets way lot complicated. To the worries, our brand is active, ready to brace you with all possible collections, designed so far. Hence, in this state of dilemma, we present you with our most stunning Mens Sheepskin Shearling Bomber Jacket

Defining the jacket at a glance; the hip-length outfit is particularly designed in bomber style. The burn-out style suede completed leather is shaded in pitch black. Dense and short-trimmed wavy wool resourced from sheepskin shearling is sheered in the inner part of the warm wear. 

Our brand ensures to fulfil the mandatory criteria of proving the best quality leather and original unadulterated top-grade shearling wool. This provides the best insulation in extreme coldness even if the jacket is light weighed.

The collar is designed with thick fur for both warmth and beautification. There is no lapel attached but the front opening is closed by most superior shiny metal buttons to give the fancy look. The glaze of buttons goes in line with the distressed finish.

Adding to the elegant look, 2 chest pockets with buttoned-styled flaps are customized. Also, slit-type tilted side pockets at the waist-side are personalized.

Moving to the speciality of this winter wear – the shearling fur decoration. Thin band of dense fur trim is beautifully decorated on the wrist edge and enhances the flourish look more; trimmed thick fur is also customized geometrically on the sleeves. The geometric pattern on the arms and hand joints is the exclusive feature of this product specially designed by our brand.

The furred geometric pattern, wrist fur and the flapped pockets with shiny metal-buttoned closure are a contrasting décor attributed to the pitch black distressed-suede completed leather. 

Tailored with the contrast white shade patterned seam stitches throughout, the Mens Sheepskin Shearling Bomber Jacket is a short definition rating casual look designed for carnival wear.

Physical Features:

  • Burn-out type suede finished leather in black
  • Thick and pure Shearling wool on interior
  • Beautiful shade of seam stitch tailored throughout
  • Tailored with slit-type tilted side pockets
  • Chest pockets with button closed flaps
  • Front opening closed by top notch metal buttons
  • Furred collar
  • Fur decoration on wrist edge
  • Tribal design with fur plating on arms and joints
  • All-in-black colour blend
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