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Mink Fur Vest for Men is Fashionable Winter Wear Made of Pure Mink Fur


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The Mink fur vest is one of the most popular winter wear in recent years. It is the latest style this season. This vest is perfectly matched with jeans and fashionable, popular and well-known outfits among people of all ages. Furrik’s Mink Vest for men is trendy and made of 100% pure mink fur.

The Mink fur vest is warm and comfortable to wear. The fur is soft and smooth under your fingertips. You will notice its luxurious quality when you touch it. It feels like silk on the skin. You will always look sophisticated and charming when you wear this kind of clothes. Nowadays, people are fond of Men’s Mink Vest because they are in fashion and people want to make themselves more fashionable than others.

The Men’s Mink Vest is a timeless classic piece that works well with both business and casual outfits. The vertical parallel format design makes it easy to layer with other pieces in your wardrobe for a complete look. This vest is from original mink fur, which means it will have an authentic look and feel.

This product is made from original mink fur, which means it will have an authentic look and feel. The zipper closure at the front of the vest allows you to adjust the fit around your shoulders and chest area. The zip-lock is of premium quality metal to ensure long-duration usage. This vest is a high-quality sleeveless coat with a zip-out collar that enhances the masculine style.

The inside of this sleeveless winter wear for men is of silk satin, which makes it breathable and keeps you warm during cold days. The comfortable fur vest is easy to carry for its lightweight feature.


  • Original mink fur
  • Whole-skin mink fur vest
  • Zip-out collar
  • Front zipper closure with premium quality metal
  • Lightweight, warm and comfortable
  • Waist-length
  • Silk-satin inner lining
  • Sleeveless, stylish and matched with any outerwear


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