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Peru Brown Sheepskin Shearling Bomber Coat


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Furrik has brought this wonderful Peru Brown Sheepskin Shearling Bomber Coat for Men to end the Fall fashionably. Wear this aviator coat with a suede finish during chilly winter events to not only look good but also remain warm. furrik’s stylish winter coat will go superbly with your current wardrobe. Curated with care, caution, precision, and diligence, this product line reflects a fabulous finish. Fully handcrafted to tailor it perfectly as per your requirements.

This luxurious coat is made from supple Shearling Sheepskin and features a softly distressed suede finish with a dyed black Arctic Fox Fur detailed wide collar and hood. The pure sheepskin leather with black fur detailing makes this outfit classy yet a trending piece in the fashion industry. The eye-catching contrasting black fur detailing on the tawny-colored full sleeves proceeds to uplift the coat from regular wear to haute couture.

This ensemble is elegant yet trendy in the fashion world thanks to the flawless sheepskin leather. You will face heightened comfort because of the soft pliant leather used in the making of this Coat. This high-end clothing features a sleek finish. The leather belt at the collar guarantees suitable insulation to ward off chilly gusts. The majestic hood and the collar are dyed black. The horizontal fur details sleeves and fur lines visible on the cuffs are black too, and the body of the garment is a beautiful Peru Brown. To provide optimum insulation, the front-open coat is outfitted with centrally placed high-quality premium zippers with a chrome finish. The two side pockets are crafted with the idea of comfort and refinement and keep your exposed hands safe from the chilly winds. The other two straight vertical pockets can store your belongings. 

Indulge in this lavish Peru Brown Sheepskin Shearling Bomber Coat for Men to fulfill your dreams of looking your best on every occasion. The perfect fitted apparel accentuates your masculine charm and handsomeness. Various sizes are available to comfortably fit all body types and heights. This beautifully tailored handcrafted coat is a perfect investment and worth its value due to its durability.

Physical Features: 

  • Sheepskin shearling finish
  • Dyed Arctic Fox fur collar with Hood
  • Leather belt for proper closure at the collar
  • Bomber-style coat
  • Brown leather detail at the cuffs and hemline
  • Premium quality metallic zipper as front closure
  • Wide flipped fur collar in contrasting color
  • Horizontal fur detail on full sleeves in contrasting black color
  • Four vertical pockets with flip cover and button
  • Peru Brown-colored body with black fur detailed cuffs
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