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Premium Mink Jacket with Fox Fur Hood and Collar


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The Premium Mink Jacket with Fox Fur Hood and Collar is made exclusively for men and has intriguing details that greatly fascinate basic features like the waistline, collar, and overall appearance. The jacket is made with original mink fur and high-quality arctic fox fur as its main details. The luxurious winter jacket is a lightweight ideal choice for dressing up at elegance and providing protection from extremely cold conditions. Consequently, the best texture is one which can be felt.

Natural mink fur is sheared on diamond shape pattern throughout the body and full sleeves. This significantly increases glare. The striking color combination further emphasizes the glamorous design, intended for party wear. Perfect contrasting dual tones blended together to provide a natural style attractive look. Both the color alignment on full sleeves and entire body reveal a perfect match.

A significant amount of internal comfort is provided by the inside silky satin lining of the plush winter jacket. This is creates a striking balance between fashion and luxury. The certainty is further enhanced by the warm embrace of the large collar and lapels. Along with ease, the collar and lapel’s exceptional fox fur exudes a majestic charm.

Well-detailed prime features include pockets and a central zipper. Slit-style pockets are designed to slide hands in with ease. Durability is ensured by the premium quality of zippers. Waistline leather belt is ascribed as an additional unique accent to compliment overall appearance, thus upholding standardized appearance. A clip out hood made of original, velvety mink fur fully encircled with thick fox fur adds the finishing touch.

The Premium Mink Jacket with Fox Fur Hood and Collar has a comfortable flexible style fit ensuring it to be suitable for all body types. It is made in waist length for a smart look. The sturdy detailing retains the originals shape and maintains its appeal years after. It’s a best selection for upgrading men’s fashion!

Physical Features:

  • Contrasting dual color scheme 
  • Sections of diamond shaped mink fur
  • Mink fur hood with fox fur embracing
  • Detachable hood
  • Fox fur collar and lapel 
  • Rich Satin layer on inner
  • Slit-type hidden pocket on the hip side
  • Central metal zipper for front closing
  • Leather-made waist belt


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