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Rabbit Fur Biker Jacket for Women


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An ideal winter wardrobe balances warmth, style, and comfort in equal parts. Furrik is known for balancing three aspects in a single wear. Presenting the Rabbit Fur Biker Jacket for women this winter, which is quite nearly the ideal apparel. The finest fur and inner lining quality alone imparts warmth retention, the ultimate in luxury, and uplift in style.

Natural rabbit fur is very light. The specialty offers the wear to be portable and also easy to wear throughout an event. To add to the plush, an overall flexible fit is tailored. This inspires engaging in strenuous tasks. The internal luxury is maintained by the rich satin lining and its silky smooth texture is experienced. It is as comfortable as a whole-day wear.

The jacket is detailed in bright red with natural highlights. The single tone on the entire body is quite charming and attractive. Its allure is due to the originality of the fur. The gorgeous wear makes a perfect selection for a cold dark frigid day and winter night parties.

Long sleeves feature a baggy fit for additional ease. Simple traits like single chest pockets, dual side pockets, and leather straps on hips gather standardized appeal. The chest pocket is secured with fine zippers. It offers optional storage and goes well for a stylistic look. Slit-style pockets on hip length are tilted and equally toasty and cozy. The leather is of good quality and the buckles do the closing and adjust the waist fit for a neat look. The contrasting black hue pulls forth the glamorous silhouette.

Waist length jacket is made tender by a furred collar. The collar down is followed by a wide front lapel. Asymmetrical zipper closing streamlines the biker jacket. Smooth run zipper extends to close the lapel.

The Rabbit Fur Biker Jacket provides a snug fit and maintains the classic appeal. Original grandeur is certain to remain evergreen and sturdy. Meeting most of the standards required for a sophisticated look, it is assumed to be worthwhile, hence making it to be the perfect pick.

Physical Features:

  • Wait length winter wear
  • Biker jacket
  • Long Sleeves
  • Real Rabbit fur 
  • Silky Satin layer on inner
  • Single tone charming red
  • Furred collar with lapel-down
  • Dual style belt straps with buckle closing
  • Slit-type pocket on the hip side
  • Smooth run front zipper closing
  • Zippered chest pocket
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