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Sheepskin Shearling Aviator Jacket for Men in Nappa-Crak Finish


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Standard-texture men’s winter jackets are quite popular. To protect against the extreme cold, a winter wardrobe upgrade with breathable outerwear is all that is required. In keeping with this, the Original Shearling Aviator jacket is a perfect pick. The framework for fashion is upheld in addition to the basic standards being met. The bar is raised by the black elegance and contrasting shaded details.

Plush shearling wool is the sole definition of internal luxury. A warranty of high quality is provided. Warmth and glamour are guaranteed to be at their best owing to the dense wool. The supple Nappa-crack finish is where the appeal stems from. As a result, the look is the most prestigious.

Conical-shaped wide pockets formed in patch style and high-quality central zipper on the front add to the antique appeal. The quality wool trim on the pockets adds to the fashionable look. A similar accent in the attractive tone serves to emphasize the hemline border.

Long sleeves are skillfully decorated with extraordinary patchwork at the joints and arms. This exquisite symmetrical pattern undoubtedly attracts attention owing to the enriched wool’s appeal. Both cuffs’ leather belts are fitted with premium buckles to give flair and a flexible fit. Curly and soft wool is used as an additional detail on both wrists. The attributes reflect the optimized design.

The distinct features of the attractive collar arise from the pelts of merino shearling and a superior leather belt with top notch buckles. Thus, it serves as the foundation for internal comfort and uniform fit.

The Original Shearling Aviator jacket strikes the perfect balance between warmth and attractiveness. Its detailed design and light weight feature captivates the unique and contemporary outlook, making it a perfect choice.

Physical Features:

  • Black aviator jacket
  • completed with nappa-crak finish and merino shearling wool 
  • Sheepskin woolen collar with leather belt for standard fit
  • Wool trim décor on arms and joints
  • Leather belt around both cuffs 
  • Dense wool around hem line and wrist 
  • Top notch zipper for front closing
  • Conical patch style pockets on front
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