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Short Sheepskin Jacket with Fox Fur Frontline Upgrades Your Winter Wardrobe


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People seeking stylish clothing with comfort in the winter always opt for natural fur or leather materials. One of the most popular yet stylish winter wear materials is pure sheepskin. Sheepskin outfits are trendy, comfortable, and provide the necessary warmth. . That is why this Short Sheepskin Jacket with Fox Fur Frontline from Furrik is a good choice for your wardrobe.

This short sheepskin jacket is made from pure sheepskin shearling with a suede finish. Comfort and warmth are always the primary features of sheepskin shearling jackets.

This short-length jacket has inner side trimmed fur and is super soft to the touch. The premium quality of this sheepskin outfit makes this piece an exotic one in comfort and style.

The ribbed format design at the two sides of the back in a slanted manner creates an eye-catchy look. Apart from the backside, the front side bottom and the cuffs of the sleeves also have this design. The furry surface of the inner side is self-exposed at the hemline of this outfit and the sleeve edges. The lower end of the bottom edge of the jacket reaches the hips at the back and is slightly higher than the waistline at the front.

The two side pockets for hand warming are spacious enough to be used as mini storage space. The collar of this jacket is premium quality Silver Fox fur. The fur collar is extended to the bottom of the outfit.
The fur collar and the high-low design format enhance the aesthetic value of the jacket. This black jacket with a silver fox collar is in contrast, which is appealing and stays ahead of the mass attention.


• Pure sheepskin jacket
• Short-length outfit with the high low design format
• Full sleeves with Ribbed cuffs
• Ribbed format design at the back and front
• Inner side trimmed fur surface
• Outer side suede finish
• Soft, comfortable and warm
• Two side pockets for hand warming
• Collar with premium quality silver fox fur
• Black body with silver fox fur is in contrast

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