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Stylish Leather Bomber Jacket in Tan


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A smart wear is one that is suitable for all occasions, is adaptive to minor weather variances, and is suitable for all physiques. This will lower the buyer’s wardrobe size and save money on multiple purchases. Leather jackets are noted for their versatility, since they meet the majority of the criteria for being near to perfect. To that end, we bring forth the Women’s Stylish Leather Bomber Jacket. All of the features included, aid to define the right smart styled attire.

The authentic lamb leather is Italian Analine finished. Its superior grade is guaranteed, as is the glossy glaze that arises from its originality. The texture is perfect. It features a charming single-toned tan hue throughout. The homogeneous shade is stunning and throws off an utter beauty. Most often, a single shaded wear is preferred as it defines a super fashionable touch. Aside from the visual appeal, the light weight jacket provides an appreciable level of comfort. The lush satin inner lining retains the internal warmth. Silky smoothness  will certainly emanate the nicest feel.

Long sleeves are tailored with a comfy fit in order to allow for greater mobility. Cuffs, on the other hand, are stretchy with an elastic attribute to provide a flexible fit. The waistline is additionally elasticized for a suitable match. Furthermore, the zip terminals are concealed by an extended leather strap with a snap button. The front is closed by centrally aligned smooth-run zippers that reach up to the mandarin collar. The collar style adds to the classic appearance. The zip closure and neatly crafted collar emanate a tidy image, making the outerwear suitable for a decent celebration as well.

The Stylish Leather Bomber Jacket has various eye-catching features such as shoulder straps, a primary front pockets and an arm pocket. Shoulder epaulettes are made of genuine leather and have a snap button closure. The arm pocket is a one-of-a-kind with a remarkable feature. It is a patched pocket with a zipper closure. And  lastly, the front pockets carry flap closing with snap buttons. They are put along the hips. Their tilted orientation elevate the look.

Additionally, expertly fitted seam stitches ensure that the regal wear retains its superior shape and structure, no matter how roughly it is utilized.

Physical Features:

  • Waist-length bomber jacket
  • Italian Analine finished authentic Lamb leather
  • Silky satin inner lining
  • Smooth running central zipper closing 
  • Mandarin Collar
  • Inclined type flapped pockets on both hips
  • Zippered arm pocket
  • Elasticized cuffs and waitline 
  • Shoulder strap with snap button
  • Overall comfortable fit
  • Seam stitches for sturdy design
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